I have my roots in Peru where the food culture is colorful and is an important feature in people’s daily life. In my home country, there is a broad mix of people from different countries and cultures which had an influence on the cooking. The Peruvian cuisine has been explored and appreciated because of its rich flavors and exciting fusion between traditional and modern cooking. As a five-year-old child, I was already involved in my family’s cooking. Everything I know about cooking I learned from my mother and from many of the women in my family. We don’t follow recipes, we taste our way through, and it must taste good. Our food is simple and always cooked with fresh vegetables, it is economical, colorful and full of flavor.



I have my roots in Syria where we also have a rich and mixed food culture with a diversity of fresh produce and a strong sense of togetherness when we eat our food. A typical Syrian meal usually contains different kinds of side dishes that are meant to be tasted with bread and shared by the whole family around the table. Through my childhood, I watched my mother cook traditional dishes from my homeland; I saw how food creates a feeling of belonging, and how scents and flavors spread joy. This is what I want to achieve with my cooking.


Monica and Houssam met in 2014 as colleagues and began to cook together. Slowly our friendship grew and so did the will to make something together. We started Truefood as a pure catering company, but it grew to become a plant-based café concept focused on “comfort food”, namely simple but tasty food that awakens memories from childhood; a treat we all need every now and then. At our place, everyone can enjoy comfort food with much respect devoted to their health and ethics. At Truefood, all of our food is made from basic ingredients and cooked with love and the highest possible care. Our menu consists of mainly ecologically sourced ingredients that come together to create delicious comfort foods. We offer raw, cooked and baked options on our menu. 

Photos by Yoshihiro Tsunoda